After coming to the Query Insights page, by default, you will see trending queries. However, you can search for any term to see how that affected a company.

Let's look at what kinds of examples "iPhone" will display in the query insights. After sorting by the number of matches, we see that Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. provides the most amount matches. The results will also give the number of times the document type discussed it positively and negatively.

However, we also want to see how the iPhone affected all of the companies in our portfolio. We can do this by going back to the search results, selecting the 'All Companies' button and then selecting 'My Portfolio'. All companies will then change to the number of companies in your portfolio. After doing that you will need to search again.

After seeing how searching for iPhone as a keyword provided the above results, we now want to see how it is mentioned in documents of companies. Since Apple Inc. provided the most amount of results that's the document we will investigate further. The document can be opened by clicking on the number of matches.

Once opened, you can see the highlighted matches, and have the ability to see how the key drivers are displayed in the document.

In the document itself, key drivers that aren't related to the specific search or keyword are greyed out. In this case, all key drivers irrelevant to the iPhone are greyed out.

*Please note that this feature is currently in beta and only show the top fifty (50) results as ranked by Amenity.

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