After you have selected the designated company that you want to view from your portfolio, you will see that each document gets broken into different sections. Here, we will review an earnings call document from Marriott International, Inc. (MAR).
 Here is the entire page of the Q4 2018 Earnings call. To get a better understanding of what information is present, we'll break down each section of the document.

 Top of the document.

 Present are the following features:

  • Name of the document
  • Print function
  • Copy link to clipboard
  • Ability to add your annotations

 Listed are categorized positive and negative events throughout the specific document. Clicking on a particular section will allow you to expand on more of the specific part of the document, and clicking on the subject will expand to show the related times it was discussed.

 Clicking on 'Financial' presented these topics that related discussion happened. Clicking on one of the subtopics allows you to go right to the discussion point in the document.

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