In every document, you have the ability to search for specific questions, answers, and quotes from participants in an earnings call.

Below, we will take a look at an earnings call from the Microsoft Corporation (MSFT). We can find more information for who was on the earnings call, as well as what questions were asked. Clicking the 'Participants' button will provide that information.

Once selected, you have the option of choosing 'Management Discussion', or 'Questions & Answers'. Right now, we want to gather more information from CEO & Director, Satya Nadella. Clicking 'Satya Nadella' will bring you to where the person specifically spoke in the earnings call.

Now we want to find more information about questions that were asked to Satya Nadella. We can do so by clicking 'Questions & Answers', and find a question where his name appears. Clicking on any name will move the document to that specific part of the earnings call.

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