Importing a custom list of tickers that you are monitoring from Bloomberg Terminal into the Insights Platform.

After opening the Bloomberg Terminal software, enter the command 'PRTU'. This will take you to the Portfolio Administration screen.

Once the command has been entered, you will be taken to the list of portfolios that you have in your Bloomberg account. Clicking on any of the names will bring you to your list of custom tickers.

Inside the list of tickers, click the 'Actions' button and then click 'Export'. The 'Export' button will automatically open Microsoft Excel.

Once Excel is open with a list of tickers, you will also see excess data that is not needed. All information in cells above the list of tickers needs to be removed to be imported into the Insights Platform.

Above the list of tickers, in cell A1 type the word 'Ticker'. This will allow the Insights Platform to recognize the list of tickers and display in your portfolio.

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