You can access events directly from the Insights Platform in Microsoft Excel. To do this, you will need to install the Amenity Analytics add-in for Excel, which is available from the “Get Add-ins” button in the insert menu. Searching for 'Amenity Analytics' will provide results for the Add-In.

Once the Amenity Analytics add-in installs in Excel, you will need to sign in with your Insights Platform account information. 

After being signed in, you're provided the option to search for events from a ticker. By default, "All Key Drivers." There is no need to change the Flow ID.

Once ready, you will need to hit the ‘Get Events’ button to retrieve all designated key drivers. Please note that it will take a few moments to retrieve the information from the Insights Platform to an Excel sheet. Once the action has performed, a new sheet will add to your Excel document, and you will automatically redirect there.

You can change the search to a different event, and you will see the number of events in an Excel sheet change based on the event variables.

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