Deception Definitions
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Below you can find all of the definitions for terms used in the Deception Dashboard.

Detour: When an executive conducts deception by referral in lieu of a direct response

Euphemism: When an executive makes statements that are overly optimistic or downplay issues

Evasive: When an executive gives noncommittal responses, claims to not know the answer, or suggests there's no available answer

False Denial: When an executive makes accusatory statements about their innocence or denies that an event happened

Hostility: When an executive makes an overly hostile statement

Negative Cliché: When an executive uses negative phrases that are overused and betray lack of original thought

Refusal: When an executive refuses to answer a question

Selective Memory: When an executive claims to not be able to remember information

Stall Tactic: When an executive uses statements to stall in lieu of providing a direct response, which is followed by addition deception

Vague Commentary: When an executive makes negative financial statements without specific data points

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