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Manually Installing the Add-in via Excel 365 (Web Browser)
Manually Installing the Add-in via Excel 365 (Web Browser)

Installing the Amenity Excel Add-in with your Office 365 Subscription

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If you have access to use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office only through a 365 subscription in a web browser, you can still use the add-in. However, you will need to install the manifest file yourself manually. Your organization will receive the manifest file by email directly from Amenity.

To install the manifest file, you will need to open a new Excel Spreadsheet.

1. Once a new spreadsheet is opened click the ‘Insert’ button in the Excel menu

2. Click the ‘Office Add-Ins’ button

3. On the pop-up for Office Add-ins click ‘Manage My Add-Ins’ in the upper-righthand corner

4. Click ‘Upload My Add-in’

5. The Amenity Analytics Add-in should now appear under ‘My Add-Ins.’

We suggest speaking with your IT team as we indicate the firewall ports at the link here be opened on your network:

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